Meyyur Rural Unit

Saradamma Grama Mangalam

Center for women Empowerment

  • In November 2014, a rural tailoring unit was started as “Saradamma Grama Mangalam”. This is run exclusively for the local women who are very poor, and in the past five years, about 125 rural women have been trained in tailoring skills. They have also taken orders for stitching school uniforms. This has provided them with financial assistance and also increased their self-confidence. This has helped them to educate their children too.
  • Tailoring machines have been procured with donations from the Math and distributed to the qualified women of this group. About 40 machines have been distributed.
  • The elderly women in the group were trained to make Agarbathi and Sambarani. This has become a small scale industry as there are steady production and regular sales of these products. This has also been a source of income for these people. Sixty women have been benefited from this.
  • Twice a year our Math is providing new clothes to around 300 widows in and around Meyyur.
  • Daily about 50 students and 20 elders are attending evening Arati and sing bhajans regularly.
  • Every day more than 50 widows and deserving villagers are served food.
  • Every year the birthday celebrations of Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Sarada Devi, Swami Vivekananda and Navaratri etc. are celebrated with devotion. Many villagers from Meyyur attend the main functions at Mylapore Math regularly.
  • The Math is striving hard to empower the women as envisaged by Swami Vivekananda by helping them to acquire skills to become self-sufficient.